Intimate Relationships Essay

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INTIMATE RELATIONSHIPS Issues, theories and research Brianna Griffin

Table Of Contents:

1- Strangers, Friends and Lovers: Why is life so complicated?

-Picture…..Page 4
-Websites…Page 4-5
-Article……Page 5-6
-Reasoning behind chapter choice….Page 6-7
2 - Self-Presentation and Self-Disclosure
-Picture….Page 7
-Websites….Page 8
-Article…. Page 8-9
-Reasoning behind chapter choice….Page 9-10
3- Communication and Relationship Management
-Picture….Page 11
-Websites….Page 11
-Article….Page 12
-Reasoning behind chapter choice….Page 12-13
4- Conflict
-Picture….Page 14
-Websites….Page 14-15
-Article….Page 15
-Reasoning behind chapter choice….Page 15-17
5- Dissolution and its Aftermath
-Picture….Page 17
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The saying a picture is worth a thousand words come into play here. People have a need for affiliation, intimacy, and need to belong starting at young ages. And these kids are expressing all three of those needs in one pose. The kids show the sense of involvement and belonging, which is the need for affiliation, their body language, is showing age appropriate intimacy, and the image definitely portrays a sense of belongingness. The websites I had chosen to a good job at explaining the main information with in this chapter. The first one has information on the need for affiliation and the need for intimacy as well as other aspects of intimate relationships, which goes along with the rest of the side topics in the chapter. And the second website gives information on the last need, the need to belong. The websites are great resources for someone looking to get a better understanding on the subject. They provide valuable information that is great for educating the subject matter. The article I chose is one that I found to be very interesting. It focused on the need for affiliation and the need for achievement. At first thought, your thinking this is a different subject than the chapter but after reading though you realize it all links together. The article gave great insight on the information and really makes your think and realize a lot about yourself and those around you. I think the article is a great one for anyone to read.

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