Interprofessional Collaboration Of Health Care Professionals Essay examples

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Interprofessional Collaboration: The Key to Success
Sarah MacLachlan
St. Clair College
Interprofessional collaboration of health care professionals was created by The Interprofessional Care Strategic Implementation Committee to improve all aspects of patient care. This strategy involves a team of different health care professionals who work together using established communication methods, roles, and set guidelines for a common purpose. Interprofessional collaboration in health care benefits the patient by ensuring that they get a fast and proper diagnosis using the combined knowledge of different professionals, benefits the health care providers by creating a less stressful, pleasant work environment, and works to improve Ontario’s health care system by making patient care fast and efficient, as well as creating a promising future for citizens looking to enter the field. Interprofessional collaboration involves a group of different professions working together as a team for a common purpose. Developing strategies to problem solve, assigning appropriate roles, and having good communication allows the interprofessional team to perform effectively and efficiently. In a healthcare setting, interprofessional collaboration is very important to the patients, benefits the healthcare providers, and enhances the healthcare system as a whole. The ultimate goal of interprofessional collaboration in healthcare is that the patient receives the best care and treatment…

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