Internet Policy And Its Effect On The Public Trust Essay examples

1050 Words Mar 12th, 2015 null Page
Blocking Selected Internet Sites As the internet sites are serving as the most massive and basic tower for obtaining various information, the internet helps us to reach every corner of earth. In this network information age, if someone doesn’t use the internet or other high technical equipment, typically we can say he or she is isolated by the whole world, just like people in North Korea. Although the Chinese government do not set the same policy as in other blocked communism countries. The government internet policy still blocks some selected internet sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The reason why the government blocks YouTube is very simple; they don’t want the Chinese to watch some speech videos that those videos of some presentations were made by chairmen in other countries and some special areas in China. This is just one main purpose that China internet policy blocks selected internet sites. However, Chinese internet policy shouldn’t block selected internet sites because this policy not only affects the development of China but also hurts the public trust. The first significant reason lies in that once those selected Internet sites are blocked, Chinese citizens would doubt the intension of blocking those sites. To be specific, it is common that everyone has curiosity and wants to know secrets that others want to conceal. The deeper the government digs the hole to hide some secrets, the more people want to know the truth. That’s the…

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