Intelligence Is A Very Funny Thing Essay

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Intelligence is a very funny thing. How should we measure it? In fact, what is intelligence really; how should we label it in the modern educational world? Should we keep with the archaic tests of educators of the past that only aimed their test to a select privileged few? One that only viewed the students from a very limited point of view and did not really predict how well they will do in the future. I personally believe that this not the correct method for the modern educational world, and it seems me and Sternberg are on the same page.

Speaking of Sternberg he had a very interesting educational history that set him on a road that would shape him and his future programs and theories. In fact, he had taken an IQ test in elementary that would make teachers label him as ‘dumb”. This label would follow him into his introductory psychology course his first year of college where his professor told him, “there was a famous Sternberg in psychology, and it appeared there isn’t about to be another”. This would make him try a different route in the math department that would just drive him back to psychology. Despite his C in his first psychology that would predict failure based on traditional tests, but 35 years later he would find himself the president of the American Psychological Association. Throughout these years he would realize the testing used in education did not account for the full scope that is true intelligence. He would also realize that these test was aimed to a…

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