Information Technology : Security For Their Computing Resources And Their Customers ' Data

764 Words Nov 23rd, 2014 4 Pages
Bourne (2014) found that “security breaches cost US organizations an estimated $25.8 billion annually, yet many fail to effectively recognize and prioritize the next big wave of risk to IT (Information Technology) security from unknown threats”. With many of the organizations within the United States being an international organization, many people are wondering what kinds of steps these organizations are taking to protect consumer data. What are global organizations doing to provide security for their computing resources and their customers’ data? Global organizations are facing many new threats, learning how to analyze these threats, and come up with solutions to combat these new threats. Global organizations, in this new day and age, are facing many new and different threats. According to Bidgoli (2014), there are several reasons that could cause a GIS (Global Information System) to fail. Poor telecommunication infrastructures, cultural differences, lack of skilled analysis and programmers, lack of standardization, and diverse regulatory practices are the reasons Bidgoli states. Dell Inc. recently released a survey that looks at US organizations, which are also global organizations, and what kind of threats they are facing today. The survey was completed in early 2014. Bourne (2014) found that “a new generation of unknown security threats stemming from megatrends and technologies like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), mobility, cloud computing, and Internet usage, as well…

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