Information About A Company 's Company Essays

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After reviewing the information about A-1’s company, it is evident that due to it reaching capacity at its current facility and nearly exhausting its customer market, A-1 must make a change if it wants to continue to improve profits. Although there are several paths that A-1 could take, the best one is as follows: A-1 should purchase another facility in a location just outside of its current customer base. One facility should be used for the finishing of metal products and the other devoted to plastic products. Albeit a risk like all investments are, it is a calculated one that is likely to produce the greatest benefits for the company. Currently, A-1 is a successful business located in Grafton, WI. With 30 employees, a storage facility, and a finishing area for metals and plastics, A-1 has nearly reached its capacity limit. A-1 has a president and a vice-president who are both very competent in the office and on the production line. At the current location, the company has an estimated 300 customers. A-1 maintains a steady business flow and subjectively appears to be a perfect fit for expansion. According to experts, some necessary elements a business needs in order to be successful in expansion are a culture of success, leadership, and skilled employees ("Business Expansion: Plan for Growth"). A-1 possesses all these qualities. When a business reaches its current capacity, exhausts its customer market, or notices that it is no longer equipped to maintain continuous…

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