Essay about Indoor Exploration Of The House Area

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During indoor exploration in the house area C.P. walked over to the basket picked up a doll and a blanket. Then she walked over to A.M. and stated, “Here baby crying wants mommy.” A.M. covered the doll with the blanket and said, “Okay”. Succeeding, C.P and A.M. walked over to where the stove was located. C.P. picked up a pot placed it on the stove then she picked up a carrot, apple, and bread and placed it in the pot. Next, she stirred them with a small wooden red spoon. Alondra held the doll and observed as C.P. stirred the food. After a minute C.P. stated, “I made soup baby hungry?” A.M. stated, “Yeah crying see” then she walked over to the chair and sat down. C.P. picked up the pot and a bowl then she placed the bowl on the table. Next, she poured the food in the bowl. As she was placed the food inside J.A. picked up the carrot and said, “I want to cook.” C.P. grabbed the carrot from her and said, “No”. J.A. said, “I eat like her” as she points to A.M.” C.P. pushed J.A. and shouts, “You not my friend”. J.A. began to cry and shouted, “I gonna tell teacher.” C.P. walked over to get a bowl and a spoon then she sat on a chair next to A.M.
COMMENT: C.P. is often involved in a lot of dramatic play with A.M. Once engaged in play, she will usually not let another child join them as they play. She seems to be more comfortable playing with only 1 child at a time.

Anecdotal Record: Observation #2
Child’s Name __C.P__________________ Age __3__ Date…

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