Essay on Improving Achievement Of Minority Students

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equate to higher student performance and suggest that policy makers interested in promoting achievement of minority students should pay more attention to these variables.
Although, Diamond (2007) found that teachers’ classroom instruction is influenced by high-stakes test, he also found that other polices that influence teachers’ instructional practices. Data collected from 84 teachers indicated that the principals and other teachers were most influential on teachers’ practice (Diamond, 2007). This research found non-human influences such as curriculum standards and technology resources influenced teachers’ instructional practices. Although Diamond’s (2007) research indicated that principals and teaching colleagues influenced teachers’ practices, it was often associated with accountability polices.
Orderly Learning Environment and Cooperation between Teachers
Orderly Environment Discipline and order are as important to a students’ academic achievement as the school’s climate, composition, practices, policies and resources (Cooper, 1996; Gaddy, 1988; Hoy, Tarter, & Hoy, 2006). Some scholars suggest that a school’s academic achievement is often attributed to the order of the learning environment or the academic emphasis, goals and quest of the school (Gaddy, 1988; Hoy, et al., 2006). Although some scholars would disagree, Gaddy (1988) concluded that a school’s processes were more influential than the student’s characteristics on behavior both in the classroom…

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