Importance of Physical Education in Elementary Schools Essay

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Importance of Physical Education in Elementary Schools

Importance of Physical Education in Elementary Schools
Chris Williams
ECE 315
Terri Malone June 6, 2011

Importance of Physical Education in Elementary School Physical education is sometimes viewed as merely a chance for students to have fun, get the wiggles out. The fact is physical education is so much more important to the health and well being of all children. A strong physical education program can strongly promote students to be active and healthy through out their life time. Having an adequate physical education program can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, increase a child self
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This help lay the ground work for an active life that helps prevent heart disease. Students develop an awareness of the relationships between activity and its immediate and identifiable effects on the body.
The American Heart Association and Centers of disease Control and Prevention recommend 150 minutes of physical education each week for children in elementary school ( “At least 50 percent of physical education class time should be spent in moderate to vigorous physical activity.” The American heart Association will continue to support theses recommendations as they are revised and updated with evolving science. It has been shown that physical education helps build self esteem in elementary school age children. New concepts in physical education support noncompetitive team building and problem solving activities designed to help students find their value within a team, regardless of their physical talents. Positive growth and children self esteem occur when they feel valued. A physical educator creates an environment that children feel secure analyzing their strengths and weakness, with the goal of prospering. In physical education classes children self images improve and with their increasing ability. A healthy self esteem allows children to perform to their ability. Physical education improves children self images because the more

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