Implications of a Working Student on Academic Performance Essay

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Chapter I
Problem and its Setting
Restaurant is an eating place where meals and drinks are sold and served to customers. It is also refers to any wide variety of establishment in which people may buy and prepared meals. A restaurant may be manage by a restaurateur, who is the owner or either the manager of the restaurant. The service of the business can be full service and may stand alone or can be accompanied with other facilities such as bar and hotel.
A bar is a retail business establishment that serves alcoholic drinks beer, wine, liquor, and cocktails for consumption on the premises. Bars provide stools or chairs that are placed at tables or counters for their patrons. Many bars have a happy hour to encourage off-peak
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Their purchases are influenced by their personal, cultural, social and psychological factors. As time goes by, they become more demanding and never get a nerve of satisfaction. People are now always busy in all the activities in life and it has been observed that they have don't enough time to stay at home and prepared foods, some always want to be relaxed and free from work which leads to the introduction of bar and restaurants. Juro's Bar and Restaurant is a kind of sole proprietorship family business which is owned by Mr. Carlos U. Sabas. It was named after the son of the owner who is Miko Juro. It was established way back June 4, 1991 and almost 22 years of existence. The owner has passion for eating and drinking, so instead of visiting other bar and restaurant, he decided to put on his own in which he will not only enjoy but also he will become profitable on it.
Before it was establish, Little Roberts comes first, compared to Juro’s it was small. Due to this reason they decided to establish a much bigger restaurant ready to accommodate a large number of customers. This is now the Juro’s Bar and Restaurant. During its first year of operation, it is not yet well establish in terms of the furniture’s and other facilities. But as years go by, they renovate it little by little, adding new furniture’s and function rooms so that customers may be more satisfied in going at Juro’s. With regards to the function rooms, it was establish so that in

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