Implementation And Enforcement Of Timothy 's Law Essay

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Implementation and Enforcement of Timothy 's Law Although the implementation and enforcement of Timothy 's Law seem to be slow coming, efforts have been made both through the courts and through state agencies to enforce the mental health parity statute. State agencies committed to the enforcement of both state and federal mental health parity laws include the United States Department of Labor, the New York Office of the Attorney General (AOG), and the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS).
In 2012, the first penalties against insurance companies were issued by the DFS resulting in 15 health insurance companies in New York being fined a combined $2.7 million for failing to comply with the law, and in some instances, specifically for not offering small groups a subsidized mandate paired with a "subscriber option" (Tonko 2012). Since then, other big name insurance companies have had lawsuits filed against them and fines issued by the AOG for failure to comply with both state and federal regulations including Cigna and MVP Health Care. In addition to fines, specific corrective actions were issued. In the case of Cigna, the corrective actions included reprocessing paying consumers whose claims were denied; conducting in-service training for staff, and eliminating policy conditions that do not comply with mental health parity regulations (Donovan, 2014). In order to ensure continued compliance, agencies such as the AOG and the DFS need continued support and…

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