Essay on Immigration Laws On The United States

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Since the Mexican Drug War began in 2006 between the Mexican Government and the Drug Cartels, there has been a minimum of 47,000 people killed from December 2006 to September 2011 (CNN Library, 2014). Because of the drug-related violence, there’s been an increase number of women and children entering the United States undocumented. However, due to the effects of the United States’ immigration laws to deport large numbers of undocumented immigrants without a proper hearing, children are now suffering these effects of immigration enforcement by losing their parents, losing their education, and losing their security. These findings shows that the immigration court system needs to take a good look and review laws and the procedures on what is and is not working for the children’s immigration court hearings. By doing so, looking back at the concept of what is “proper” in these court hearings, finding a distinction of immigrants and refugees, and finding other ways to help reach out to these children who may be eligible to stay in the United States for a brighter future.
For immigration cases in the court system, a removal hearing is the procedure of handling these cases if followed thoroughly. According to Chapman (2011), “a removal hearing in immigration court focuses on two predominant issues – whether the noncitizen (in this case the child) is deportable and whether the noncitizen should be granted relief from a deportation order” (p. 1529). The removal form is then reserved…

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