If, By Rudyard Kipling Essay

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If, by Rudyard Kipling, is definitely a vague poem, concentrating on abstract terms and ideas as opposed to physical or absolute properties, or descriptions of actual objects, like in [placeholder poem]. If portrays a whole host of characteristics deemed to be the “ideal man” in 1895-1910 when it was written: Humble, patient, rational, and truthful. It might be worth saying that the values that this poem holds have changed quite a lot over the hundred or so years since it was published. Whereas people hold the showy, flashy celebrities in high regard in this year, the poem seems to disregard these qualities as it may turn you into a pompous, self-righteous prig. In fact, these values seem to match up rather similarly to how Rudyard Kipling regards manhood in another of his poems, The Thousandth Man. It’s also been described as an English version of The Gita, a Hindi scripture.
I would say that it is advice on how to live your life, aimed more specifically from a father to his son (though it is important to note that it’s not aimed necessarily at his own unborn son), to its fullest, and how to be a “perfect” man. The latter of those points contrasts quite astonishingly to the poem Prayer before Birth by Louis MacNeice, which revolves around the point of it being a genderless poem.
It’s also somewhat challenging to break down this poem as every line links to the last couplet. Every line is a suggestion to help attain your goal, no matter what this is, so if you follow this,…

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