Identity Formation And Developmental Issues Essay

1295 Words May 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
It is pretty easy and common of us to assume that most of our identity formation and developmental issues take place when we are younger: from infancy to adulthood. We assume all too often that our elders have their lives and identities all figured out and that they are comfortable with who they are and what they have done. This is simply not true as elders have always faced significant developmental issues in their old age. This issue has become even more important with the emergence of the “third age,” which Laslett calls the period between modern adulthood and old age. In previous generations people belonging to this age would normally be lumped with advanced adults in retirement, but this group is different. In the third age, adults are older but they are still physically and mentally capable of work and they wish to continue doing so. This phenomenon has led to an interesting intersection of the life cycle between typical adulthood and older adulthood that was not noticed in earlier generation. Within the Erikson model the third age takes place between adulthood and old age. The psychosocial struggle in adulthood is generativity vs stagnation. In this stage adults want to feel that they are being productive and creative in the world. The aim here is to build something of a legacy for oneself that will last after we are gone. This often takes the form of procreation as adults have the natural drive to procreate and continue the genetic line through the next…

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