Essay about I Use The Health Belief Model

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I used the Health Belief Model. I thought this model was most appropriate for me due to the fact that I feel like I had to look at my behavior on a more internal and personal level in order for me to want to really change. The HBM allows a person to be more likely to take action and prevent an illness depending on their vulnerability, the consequences of the condition, the effectiveness of the new behavior in prevention and the benefits of reducing the threat (Redding et al, 2000). By me using this model, I evaluated my chances of being unhealthy and developing complicated health conditions later on in life (perceived susceptibility) if I did not make a change. I believed that I had a high chance of developing other medical conditions if I didn’t take action soon. Prevention is the first important step in diminishing the chances of anything serious from taking place. Therefore, in my situation I needed to stop having negative thoughts to avoid falling into depression or developing serious anxiety issues. According to Dr. Rego, habitual negative thinking can lead to many problems,” “First, given the connection between thoughts and emotions, it can serve to bring down or keep down your mood. Second, negative thoughts can influence the way you act and react, which can lead to a variety of problematic behaviors” (Myers, 2012). What I can do on my behalf is to change my own lifestyle by surrounding myself with positive people (perceived severity). Including positive thinking is…

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