Huntsville Plant Communication Plan Essay

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Huntsville Plant Project – Communication Plan
Project Management Systems
Course Number: PROJ 586

Bradford C. Jenkins
August 8, 2012

Professor Susan Orr

Type of Communication | Purpose | Attendees | Responsible | Communication Vehicle/Method of Delivery | Frequency | Monthly Status/In-Progress report to Plant Executives | To keep the senior leadership of the campus informed of the project’s progress and key upcoming activities. | - Executive Sponsor- Steering Committee- Executive Committee- Computing Advisory Committee | Project Manager | - Email Distribution List- Publication via Project Website | Monthly | Weekly Schedule Metrics | Monitor and report progress on scheduled tasks. Troubleshoot problem areas
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During the course of the project, the project manager should have in-progress meetings to cover the status to include technical and problem-solving meetings as frequent as needed to maintain a flow of accurate information and ensure the project is on schedule and within budget.

Managerial Conflicts on the Huntsville Project

There is one area that I believe will have conflict. That conflict area would unavoidably be between the project manager and Downs and Pokorski. The difference in views, perspectives in ideas regarding how to properly manage the project is the friction point. The difficulty of communicating with Downs due to the rejection of his proposal would be ineffective to the project flow. In the case of Pokorski, he may be in disagreement due to the possibility of losing some of his team members to the plant. In my opinion, the there should be an opportunity rich environment that welcomes input from Downs with his readiness and production expertise. This is with the understanding that his prototype will be instituted within the plant project. This brings Downs a feeling of appreciation, value, and worth. Downs will be more inclined to communicate and cooperate on the project with this approach. The project manager should create a empathetic relationship with Pokorski that will harvest

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