Essay about Hunger, Malnutrition, And Malnutrition

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Hunger and malnutrition in Africa have been on the increase, have affected many Africans in different ways since 1900’s. Children and adults both are facing devastating hunger and malnutrition crisis across a swathe of Africa. Some of the neighborhoods that are powerfully moved by hunger and malnutrition issues includes Countries like Ethiopia, Kenya and Zambia. People in these populations are suffering from thirst and malnutrition in large numbers. In some parts of Africa parents have a hard time providing nutritious food for their children due to crop failures, skyrocketing food prices and insecurity. Granting to the research Poverty is the main cause of hunger in Africa and elsewhere. Simply put, people do not receive sufficient income to buy enough food. Conflict and drought, for instance, are certainly important causes of hunger, but the most typical place is that people simply do not have enough income to buy the intellectual nourishment that they need—they could be starving in some slum somewhere, for example. As mentioned above, in 2008, 47 percent of the population of sub-Saharan Africa, lived on $1.25 a day or less, a principal ingredient in causing widespread hunger. Granting to the Secretary of United States General Kofi Annan noted that African leaders are mismanaging their abundant resources. He too expressed that under use of their resources abundant resources have become the very source of Africa’s misery. The primary cause for hunger and malnutrition of…

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