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The Story of Baucis and Philemon
Ovid is an extremely detailed writer, enabling the reader to envision what is written. Each story that Ovid writes seems to convey a deeper message, making Ovid’s writing even more appealing to the reader. Specifically, the myth that touched me the most was The Story of Baucis and Philemon. Its powerful content, coupled with its unique style, makes it a memorable poem in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. There is a specific writing style which keeps the reader interested in reading the poem itself.
Ovid’s main message in the poem, which struck me most, was Ovid’s emphasis on the importance of hospitality to one’s neighbor. Despite their lack of money, Baucis and Philemon offered their guests only the very
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In particular, I thought it was very interesting how Ovid really portrayed classes in the poem. In fact, contrary to expectations, the hosts – Baucis and Philemon – were of the lowest class. They had no money, and were living a lowly life. The guests, on the other hand, were the Gods. As Gods, they were of the highest status, assumed to have all that they needed. However, in giving us this story in which the Gods relied on Baucis and Philemon for support, Ovid seems to be relaying a life-message to his readers. There is more to life than mere social status and wealth. As can be learned from this situation, financial difficulties do not stop Baucis and Philemon from enjoying life to the fullest. The most important thing that mattered to them was that they had each other, and by showing this important life-lesson, Ovid portrays to us a sense of love and devotion to another person.
The myth starts out when Jupiter and Mercury transform themselves into mortal men looking for a place to stay for the night. They knocked on many doors and had those same doors slammed on their faces. After many houses were tried the Gods were about ready to give up in disappointment. They decided to try one more door before they gave up. The Gods knocked on the house of an old poor couple in an old cottage. The old couple, Baucis and Philemon, opened their door to the gods (the mortal men) and invited them to stay for the night. When the gods walked inside they saw that this was a

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