Essay on Human Trafficking And The Perpetrators Of Violence

1545 Words Apr 15th, 2016 null Page
Within a look at violence and abuse across adulthood, it is easy to learn that nothing exists as a cause or effect of its own. Two topics where this is clear is in looking at human trafficking and in working with the perpetrators of violence. However, as these are two violent topics that are wide ranging and overwhelming in scope there exist a great deal of gaps that individuate each topic as well as several shared gaps in service. This paper will explore what the service gaps are in human trafficking and work with perpetrators of violence as well as what might cause service gaps and how to better serve and address the gaps of recipients of services. Overall social work uniquely poised to provide services due to a deep connection and ethical commitment to provide social justice has lacked in providing resources for human trafficking (Alvarez & Alessi 2012). Human trafficking is simply defined as “...the trade of human beings for the purposes of exploitation, typically in the form of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor” (Androff 2010, as found in Hodge 2012). Overall trafficker’s use a number of techniques to trick, force, otherwise, obtain humans to traffic, and all involve some level of criminal activity. Hodge (2012) discusses that trafficking happens when factors exist where in countries that are rife with poverty, political unrest, gender-based violence and other abuse and violence that make citizens of those nations dream of a better life somewhere…

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