Hum167 Social Media Essay example

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* What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media?
The advantages of social media, is being able to have sites like blog and all other social sites which allows us to be able to express our self. For example, the blog, in the blog site we have the choice to write down anything, it can be from what you do daily or what happened to your today, and many people around the world will be able to hear your story disregard if they know you or not. Blog is where you can write down pretty much anything and without worrying about what others opinon will be because that is where you want to express your feeling, emotions or daily activities. I actually follow some of the blogger, simply because I admire their work and I find it interested
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* How might knowing these advantages and disadvantages alter how a person might use social media? One of the advantage I love about these social media is it allow me to connect with friends or family whom I have not see for years, and I like the fact that I have control of who are my friends, and freedom of speech of course. Last but not least is that I can share my feeling with friends and also know how they are doing with their life. One biggest thing I do like about these social media is that you can control who can view your profile or images under privacy. You have full control of your own website, unlike twitter which anybody can make comment about your post, Facebook allows you to preview what others have to said about you or images that you were tag in, if you do not like the post you have the choice not to have it publish in your website. Of course there are disadvantages in every social media, One of the issue that gets to my attention is the negative feedback people be posting on other wall. And they save some images from you site and make another one claimed to be you, which we call it identify thief. Identify thief don’t just happened in reality, it also happen in these social medias site. People who pretent to be others happened a lot in the website, I personally experience a second me appear on facebook which I know for a fact that is not me but with all the information that was provided on that website, well somebody was sure using my information

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