Essay How The Nervous System Changes

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Neuroplasticity refers to how the nervous system changes in response to experience. The human brain can be equated to plastic; because, soft plastic can be molded into anything you desire—your brain is soft-wired it too has the ability at any age to be shaped or restructured (Merzenich, 2013). You have the power within to re-strengthen your cognitive skills in all aspects, including recovery and re-normalization; even when your brain has suffered large-scale distortions that accompany developmental or psychiatric disorders, or it has been physically damaged as a result of a negative befalls in your life (pp. 1-3). Through neurological rejuvenation your brain has the ability to transform, and reorganize itself and its functions—neuroplasticity allows adaptation to any and all experiences and changes you may encounter. Where it all began
Brain plasticity, stretches back thousands of years ago, it can be attributed to the transformation from Neanderthal to Cro-Magnon’s and even support Darwin’s theory Survival of the Fittest; man’s ability to adapt and sustain anywhere on earth is a testament of how plasticity naturally catalyzes neurons in the brain, allowing cultural transmission from society to our individual brains, then effectively conveying the information to others (Merzenich, 2013). That generation-to-generation transfer of cultural knowledge made a big impact on the evolution of…

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