How Technology Changed The American Civil War Essay

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How technology changed the American civil war The American civil war was a great event in American history. While the revolutionary war created the United States, the civil war determined what kind of nation it would be. The American civil war was caused by the issue of slavery. Beginning from the civil war, war was just fought in a whole new level. Not only in attacking stage but also in defensive stages. In the 1860s no tanks, radios, and airplanes excited but the American civil war is considered the first modern war, this is due to advanced technology that was initiated and developed. These technologies made the army more effective. This increased effectiveness. However, generated more causality rates and destruction. In the beginning of the American civil war weapons changed from smoothbore weapons to rifled weapons. Riffles existed over 100 years before the American civil war started, but they were only used for animal hunting and self-defense instead of military purposes. Before the American civil war, infantry troops carried muskets which held only a bullet at a time. The range of the musket was 250 yards. So a soldier who wants to shoot accurately should stand much closer to his target, so typically they had to fight battles from a close range. The rifle musket and the Minnie ball were 90 percent of the civil war casualties. Rifles had much greater range then muskets. You can shoot more accurately using a rifle. Soldiers also had problem when loading a…

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