Essay How Strength Can Be Successful Or The Ultimate Downfall

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What is strength? The dictionary defines it as, the quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power; vigor or mental power, force, or vigor. In Ancient Greece there were lived up to the definition of this word. Architecture, visual art and literature were used to honor those such people. On the other hand in Greek culture, strength can be a two edged sword as we have learned though out our studies. Homer’s Odysseus and Plato’s Socrates are two examples of how showing strength can be successful or the ultimate downfall.
Strength was an attribute/characteristic that was both admired and rejected in Ancient Greece. An individual possessing this quality can exhibit it physically and or mentally. There were characters in our readings that shared this trait and have earned their places in literary history. Each of them showed their strengths in different situations. For example, Odysseus used his strength as a great leader to return home to Ithaca, whereas Socrates used his strength in words to stand up for his total disbelief in gods. My objective is to give examples of their strengths and the outcomes that followed.
Odysseus’s strength was tested during the ten years that he struggled to return to his homeland of Ithaca. His strength allowed him to think quickly on his feet for him and…

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