How Social Media Is Treacherous Essay

1014 Words Jun 6th, 2015 null Page
Good morning everyone. How many of you’d share your name, address, family and friend names, birth town, daily activities, photos of you and your family, and even your love life with random strangers you meet for the very first time? This question should’ve a very obvious answer. So why’d you do this on social media, such as similar to Facebook or Twitter. As many of you know, I’ve an Associate’s degree in Network Security Technology. Thusly, I’m very passionate about these types of subjects. Today, I’ll love illustrating a couple scary reasons why you should either not be a practitioner of social media, or severely limit the information you share online. The three main parts I’ll enjoy sharing with you include the following: why social media is treacherous, some beneficial uses, and tips for using social media safely, if you must.
Initially, I’ll enjoy explaining some pitfalls in the usage of social media. As well as, the possible repercussions they encompass. Many of you have almost certainly seen some of the crazy pop ups or ads beside your social media notifications. Such as, hypnotically, click to see leaked footage of Kim Kardashian talking mole. These are referred to as hoaxes. In an article from April 16 2013, titled “5 Security Dangers of Social Networking”, Dave Waterson the CEO at Hootsuite (social media site similar to Linkedin) stats, “Every month several hoaxes circulate around social networks.” Think of all the hot topics being talk about and possibly the weird…

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