How Patient Care Is Crucial For A 45 Year Old Female Patient Essay example

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Patient care is of fundamental importance to a radiographer. They have to be empathetic, reassuring, as well as gaining their patients trust as quickly as possible. In this assignment it will be discussed how patient care is crucial for a 45 year old female patient. The radiographer’s technique will have to be adapted to suit the specific needs of that patient. Care of this patient will be considered under the following headings: Communication, consent, patient dignity, health and safety, patient management and inter-professional collaboration.
Under the patient’s circumstances, communication is vital when making her feel comfortable and gratified. It is important that the radiographer begins with the 3-point ID check. This is checking the patients: Name, Date of Birth and first line of their address to ensure the examination matches the patient.
Research stated by Silverman et al (1998) (cited by Dimond, D 2014) has said that effective communication can bring about health benefits such as: “Improving the satisfaction of both patient and practitioner. Improving patient concordance with treatment regimes. Decreasing the anxiety and distress felt by patients”
Verbal communication is required when treating all patients. As this patient speaks very little English, misinterpretation could occur and future problems arise. For example, she could not understand her x-ray as being absolutely necessary. To overcome this, an interpreter can be obtained…

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