Essay about How Far Do Not Be Safe

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How Far Do We Have to Go to Be Safe?
A Response to Kevin Maney Everyone has heard about the recent stories that have come out about the way police officers have been treating minorities and lower class citizens. The stories haunt us of shootings and malicious attacks based on color. It terrifies the audience because these shootings aren’t thugs or cult-leaders, but the very people who are supposed to keep all of us safe: our police officers. Luckily, people are starting to create solutions to police the police. With the use of body cameras and other technologies, we the people, no longer have to live in fear. Civilians took it upon themselves to use a non-biased form of protection: cameras. Cameras create a second witness that will never lie. Kevin Maney, a journalist for Newsweek Global, discussed the issue of body cameras and civilian policing the police in his article, “Even Ferguson’s Cops Can Be Fixed With More Video”.
On September 13, 2014, the article “Even Ferguson’s Cops Can Be Fixed With More Video” by Kevin Maney, was uploaded to Newsweek Global, a weekly online newspaper. Maney discusses the importance of taking videos of police officers in action to prevent misuse and abuse of the officer’s authority. In fact, Maney states that now that police officers can take videos of civilians, civilians should be able to do the same. He continues on, pushing the fact that with the new technology available now, including cellphones with built-in cameras, Google Glass, Spy…

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