How Change Can Be A Good Thing For This Area Of North Dakota Essay

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Change is one of the most feared and revered words in the English vocabulary. There are many people who embrace the alteration of their lifestyle in an effort to improve their economic or physical situation. Nevertheless, large portions of the population oppose change because of the fear of the unknown. The modification of one’s lifestyle can yield positive results by presenting new and exciting alternatives to what one is accustomed to but it can also have negative consequences. The citizens of North Dakota have discovered this recently as their community has undergone significant transformations brought about by the production of oil. However, not all of the changes in this area have been negative, as numerous careers have been launched by the increase in natural resource production. Embracing change can be a good thing for this area of North Dakota. Not only will the increased production of oil result in the enhancement of personal lives through increasing personal wealth but it can also improve the community as a whole.
Changes are not always welcome; this is evident in North Dakota where the increased production of oil has become an enormous issue. Both farmers and residents have been affected by the influx of oil production. Dan Kalil, a third generation farmer in the northwest portion of the state, has been affected by this exponential increase in production. His land was homesteaded in the early 20th century by his grandfather, a Lebanese emigrant. Kalil did not want…

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