Homestyle Cookies Essays

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Home-Style Cookies
Joelle Yeager
Bus 644 Operations Management
Professor Vanessa Washington
April 30, 2012

The Baking Company produces over fifty types of soft cookies by implementing a batch processing system. This system utilizes computers to ensure that ingredients are not wasted and production is efficient. The company increased its productivity by cutting non filled cookies diagonally and increasing the size of both of their ovens. The company’s use of manual labor and refusal to implement automated packing process shows a commitment to the small town in which the company is based out of. The Baking Company does not use preservatives in their product which allows a competitive advantage in the industry while causing
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The Baking Company has increased the productivity of this process in two ways. The first way the company increased productivity was by cutting the non-filled cookies diagonally. This allowed more space for extra cookies and thus increased the production of non-filled cookies. The second way the company increased its productivity is by increasing the size of both of the ovens by twenty five feet. The increase in oven space allowed a higher level of productivity as it allocated more space in the ovens for more cookies to be produced. If more cookies can fit in the oven at one time, more cookies will be produced per oven rotation. Further expansion of the ovens will allow the company to continue to increase production. This could be useful if the company expands beyond the current boundaries of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The Baking Company utilizes manual labor instead of introducing automated packaging devices in the company. They have avoided this shift in technology in order to ensure the jobs of their thirty women they employ to manually package their cookies even though the introduction of an automated packaging process would not only save the company money, it would also increase the efficiency of the company. However, this may not be the correct decision for the organization. It would be more prudent for the organization to implement an automated process

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