Hiv / Aids : Is No Cure, And It Is A Lifelong Disease? Essay

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What makes this disease such a controversial and hot topic is how it is obtained, the fact there is no cure, and it is a lifelong disease. There are only a few ways to contract AIDS and the most common and publicized way is through sexual transmission. AIDS can only be contracted through bodily fluids so alternatively the disease can be transferred through shared needle or drug interaction, pregnancy/childbirth, occupational exposure and blood transfusion (How, 2014). HIV/ AIDS are a relatively recent disease that has no cure and will remain with a person for the rest of their life. There are drug that can be taken to control and help maintain an infected person so they can a live a normal life, however the drug are extremely expensive and come with some extreme side effects. Those who have AIDS usually do not die from the disease but because the disease has weakened their body so much so that it has lead, a different disease to infect the body and the immune system cannot defend the foreign body.
In the 1990’s the U.S. government began to realize the occurrence of the high medical cost and financial burden of those who were diagnosed with AIDS. Thus began the evolution of government funded programs for the financial support of those infected with the disease. Housing Opportunity For Persons With AIDs (HOPWA), is the only federal programs of its kind and allows those infected with AIDs and HIV to receive supplemental funding for housing. This program is location in large…

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