Hiring A New Employee Organization Essay

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Hiring a New Employee
Every organization whether large or small, at some point is faced with creating and filing a new position, but as managers are the appropriate steps taken to ensure both are successful? It takes careful consideration, planning and selecting; filing a position with just anyone so the position is full can be detrimental to any organization, and in the long run cost more money recruiting, training and hiring for a second time.
Ideal Position
A job description clearly explains a job’s major functions, responsibilities and expectations (Richards, 2016). Starting as a small business, with just two employees, we together have taken my landscaping business to the next level. I am currently in the position of creating and adding an Office Manager position to keep control of the day to day office duties. This position would require an applicant be responsible for answering and returning calls, scheduling jobs, sending invoices and applying payments, among other general office duties. They must have communication, people and computer skills. Training will be offered, but prior experience would be most helpful. This position would require the applicant to keep the office flowing smoothly, be organized and trustworthy.
What are the Benefits?
Once the job is posted, deciding on an appropriate salary is just as important as having a clear job description. A clear job description outlines the expectations of a position and is also used as a…

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