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IS HILLARY CLINTON preparing a run for the White House? Before pondering that timely question, consider another which may matter just as much. Why would any Democrat want to become president in 2016?
Mrs Clinton is certainly giving people cause to ask the first question. Before too long, she will need to answer the second. On September 14th she headed to Iowa for the first time since her wounding defeat by Barack Obama in that state’s 2008 Democratic caucus. The former secretary of state, senator and First Lady made her return in a friendly, controlled setting. Accompanied by her husband, Bill, she was the guest star at the Harkin Steak Fry, a combined picnic, fundraiser and clan gathering for fans and friends of Tom Harkin, Iowa’s
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Before her speech Mrs Clinton chatted, gingerly, with a crowd of over 100 penned-in reporters, pretending not to hear yelled-out questions about her presidential ambitions. Once on stage she was a bit more direct, admitting that she was “thinking about” the presidency. Strikingly, she earned only a handful of real cheers: when she walked onstage, when dropping 2016 hints, and when she defended women’s rights. Before the end of her workmanlike speech, activists began heading for the exits. Judging by the badges and banners they carried, these were Democrats pleased by the general idea of a fresh Clinton candidacy. Yet at that precise moment they also looked a little bored, and mostly focused on beating the traffic.
When straw-polled, quite a few Iowa Democrats seem content with that level of commitment, for now. They sound mainly intrigued by that first basic question—is Mrs Clinton running?—and in quite a tokenistic way. This was true of several students at Drake University in Des Moines, waiting to board a free bus to the steak fry, laid on by “Ready for Hillary”. Many said America needed to show it could elect a woman president. Young people are excited by novelty, added a first-year advertising student: “We’ve had a black president, now what’s next?”

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