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Quiz #5: Client Rights and Counselor Responsibilities

1. Informed consent generally implies that the person:
a. does not have the capacity to consent.
b. verbally gives consent.
c. has been persuaded or coerced to sign the consent form.
d. has the capacity to consent and has freely, without undue influence expressed consent.

2. ___________________ to give informed consent means that the client has the ability to make rational decisions.
a. Comprehension of information
b. Voluntariness
c. Capacity
d. Willingness

3. Written consent forms should NOT include:
a. a discussion of how a managed care system will affect the treatment, if applicable.
b. a detailed description of what will occur in therapy and a guarantee that the
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a. Assessments
b. Progress notes
c. Intakes
d. Screenings

7. Concerning counseling via the Internet, which statement is most accurate?
a. The codes of the major professional organizations offer detailed guidance regarding ethical practices in the use of technology.
b. There are both advantages and disadvantages in using Internet technology to deliver counseling services.
c. Most experts agree that what is being currently offered via Internet counseling is a form of traditional psychotherapy.
d. This form of counseling is not suited to a problem-solving approach.

8. Regarding counseling with children and adolescents, informed consent of parents or guardians may not be legally required when a minor is seeking counseling for:
a. dangerous drugs or narcotics.
b. sexually transmitted diseases.
c. pregnancy and birth control.
d. all of the above

9. Marie is a counselor who has been working with the parents of a six-year old girl. They want Marie to counsel with their daughter since the effects of their stormy marriage is negatively affecting her behavior. Marie is hesitant to do this since she has no experience working with children. The ethical codes of most professional organizations would specify that:
a. she would have to use different types of therapy to work effectively with the child.
b. it would be unethical for Marie to counsel the child if she has not been trained in that area.

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