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TIME: 36 Minutes -- 30 Questions
This test has questions about arithmetic. Each question is followed by four possible answers. Decide which answer is correct, then blacken the space on your answer form which has the same number and letter as your choice. Use your scratch paper for any figuring you wish to do. Your score on this test will be based on the number of questions you answer correctly. You should try to answer every question. Do not spend too much time on any one question.
1. A fruit picker gets $2.00 an hour, plus 48 cents for every bushel over 40 that he picks in a day. If he works 8 hours and picks 50 bushels, how much will he get?

A $16.00
B $19.84
C $20.80
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Sixty percent of this was for theater tickets. What was the cost for each ticket?

A $3.95
B $4.05
C $5.40
D $8.10

10. Soap, ordinarily priced at 2 bars for 66 cents, may be purchased in lots of one dozen for $3.48. What is the savings per bar when it is purchased in this way?

A 4 cents
B 8 cents
C 16 cents
D 19 cents

11. Twenty men contribute $25 each for a Christmas party. Forty percent of the money is spent for food and drinks. How much is left for other expenses?

A $125
B $200
C $300
D $375

12. A pole, 24 feet high, has a shadow 8 feet long. A nearby pole is 72 feet high. How long is its shadow?

A 16 feet
B 24 feet
C 32 feet
D 56 feet

13. The price of a $250 item after successive discounts of 20% and 30% is ?

A $125
B $130
C $140
D $180

14. If the following series will continue in the same pattern, what is the next number in the series 1, 10, 7, 16, ______?

A 10
B 13
C 14
D 25

15. A home has a tax rate of 2%. If the tax is $550.00, what is the assessed value of the home?

A $1,100.00
B $2,750.00
C $11,000.00
D $27,500.00

16. The parcel post rate in the local zone is 18 cents for the first pound, and 1½ cents for each additional pound. How many pounds can be sent in the local zone for $1.50?

A 88
B 89
C 100
D 225

17. The minute hand fell off a watch but the watch continued to work accurately.

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