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1.1. Introduction

Have you ever stopped to think about where your electricity comes from? Nowadays, it is no longer only a question of ‘how much electricity do I want to use? However, this type of question which is ‘what kind of electricity do I want to use?’ is also count. In the case of Malaysia, most of the electricity is generated by burning coal and gas in power stations. These types of activities eventually will give such a negative impact towards the environment such as the critical global warming and climate change. Hence, a green ‘power’ or electricity that is environmentally friendly is needed in order to prevent the Earth from continually dying.
So what is green electricity? As stated by
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1.2. Problem statement

Previously, studies of the correlation between the public acceptance and green electricity have already been studied. However, very little studies were conducted to focus completely on public acceptance characteristic and the effect of it upon the green electricity. Green electricity production becomes even more important as the electricity is not just used to charge up things, but is also used in the production of all manner of products.
However, most of the electricity in the worldwide is currently still produced by burning fossil fuels such as charcoal and the majority of the electricity that is used by most countries has been produced using very “non-green” resources. This statement clearly highlights the importance of eco-friendly electricity production. For instance, it is important to ensure that as much electricity generation as possible is done using renewable, “greenest” methods.
In line with the importance of green electricity, past researchers has rarely considered the influences of the public acceptance characteristics on green electricity. Due to this limitation, investigate is there any relationship between the public acceptance characteristics and the green electricity in Malaysia, precisely on demographical, attitudinal and socialization characteristics.

The research questions of this study are shown below: 1. Is there are any significant relationships

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