Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad Essay

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I. Heart of Darkness was written by Joseph Conrad. He was born in Poland on December 3, 1857. Much of the writing of Joseph Conrad was centered around adventures at sea and trips to exotic places. His writing often has messages that are deeper than most stories. He attacks issues that he thinks are important. Conrad, himself, spent much of his youth at sea. After mastering sailing, Conrad was given command of merchant ships in the Orient and on the Congo. He later left the boating business and began to write (“Joseph Conrad”). Heart of Darkness is a fictional adventure story. It is important to the time period, because England was, at the time, trying to conquer and control other countries. This story is centered around England’s attempt to colonize Africa (SparkNotes Editors). It is important for the genre to be both fictional and adventurous, so that the book can attack the problem while still being a good story.
Heart of Darkness is centered around the main character Marlow. Marlow is a riverboat captain for a trading company. He travels to Africa to trade in the Congo. He begins his journey up the river to find a man named Kurtz. Kurtz is a legend in the Congo. He was attempting to civilize the “savages” of Africa, but he turned somewhat savage himself. The trading company had stations set up throughout the river. At these stations, there were many natives who were treated like slaves. As Marlow journeys through the river, the natives attack…

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