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Public Health
PH 100
Study Guide - Exam 4

Chapter 14 At the moment of conception you become genetically male or female Age that fully mature sperm develop-about age 15 Define menarche: Puberty- Females Aging women in their forties and fifties Decline in reproductive hormone production Define Menopause: the decline and eventual cessation of hormone production by the female reproductive system. Define gender identity: recognition of one's gender Define androgynous: Androgyny- blending of both masculine and feminine qualities. Male gonads hang in a sac outside the body because the body cavity is too warm for proper sperm development Conception occurs in the fallopian tubes
Chapter 15 The
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order to conceive is two weeks after the beginning of menstruation Spermicides are effective with: Diaphragm Cap Condom Side effects of the oral contraceptive pill Blood clots Strokes Heart attacks Oral contraceptives increase the risk of cardiovascular disease in women over 35 Define vasectomy: removal of a section of the vas deferens
Chapter 17 The Stepfamily Association of America recommends the following: Nurture and enrich the couple relationship Reveal and understand emotions Have realistic expectations Develop new roles Seek support and see the positive 200-500 million sperm cells are deposited into the vagina during ejaculation Aids to fertilization: Sperm are deposited near the cervical opening Male accessory glands help make the semen nonacidic Uterine contractions aid sperm movement in the proper direction Sperm cells move fairly quickly Sperm can live for days Cervical mucus is thin and watery at the time of ovulation Presumptive signs of pregnancy: Missed menstrual period after sexual intercourse the previous month Morning sickness Increase in size and tenderness of breasts Darkening of the areolar tissue around the nipples Fetal growth characterizes the third trimester of pregnancy During labor, the cervix will dilate from zero to ten centimeters Define C-section: Cesarean Delivery: fetus is removed from the uterus through the

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