Health Of Individuals Through Sex And Reproductive Education Essay

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Scarleteen is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the health of individuals through sex and reproductive education. Their website,, discuss many topics ranging from issues about gender, sexual health, relationships and everything else in between in order to educate young people. One subset of their website, “Condom basics: A User’s Manual,” ( not only illustrates why it’s important to use a condom but also demonstrate how to actually put a condom on. The site even showcases pictures with steps that individuals can follow to properly learn how to use a condom. On the other hand, you would think it should almost be common knowledge to use a condom because they are a great protection against pregnancy and sexual transmitted disease. However, there are many individuals throughout the world who are still not aware of this or have a hard time using a condom. This website is here to educate these individuals as well as give advice to those expert who want to brush up on their knowledge. Although the website offers a great deal of information about condoms and safe sex, it fails to acknowledge important information about the different types of condoms that can be used and are potentially available for individuals sex especially those of different sexual orientation. This site really focused on condoms that people with a penis or sex toys usually resembling a penis can use but…

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