Essay about Health Is More Than We Think

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Health Is More Than We Think
Health is misunderstood and neglected until a person’s well-being is at risk. Then, health becomes a priority, and you have to work harder to rid your body of disease and heal it. I have had a lot of family members go through many health issues. Some issues were out of their control, and others could have been prevented. I will use my mother as an example; she had a genetic disease called MEN-1 which is a genetic endocrine disorder. One part of this disease can predisposition you for having liver problems. I believe if she lived a healthier lifestyle by not using aspartame and taking Tylenol it may not have triggered the liver cancer that she developed and died from. She did not have control over the MEN-1 disease, but she did have control over what she put into her body thus causing her cancer. Some people have a predisposition to certain diseases and can live a lifestyle that does not trigger that disease, or they chose to live an unhealthy lifestyle and have that disease change their lives. Much more contributes to the likelihood of the disease developing than just physical health. There are many more components to health than what is on the surface.
My idea of health is much different now than if you had asked me a year ago. Health once to mean to me that your body was working properly and that you did not have any physical ailments. Now I understand that there is so much more to health than just physical health. Sarafino and Smith (2014)…

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