Health Care Essay

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Health Care

Health Care
The health sector in United States has undergone tremendous changes in the past 50 years, and these changes have impacted patients, employees and providers. Thus, for medical care and medicine, it has been demanding and changing 50 years in several ways and numerous events both in territory of basic applications of science, science, development, as well as overall use of new tools for treatment and diagnosis. Principal organizational modifications in health care comprise of a move from dependence on hospital-based care to sophisticated health care being offered on outpatient basis and in various nursing homes (Perks et al, 2006). This has changed the healthcare industry significantly. In the
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In the past 50 years, the aspect of public relations in healthcare industry to promote customer satisfaction has been an important tool that has influenced the changes in this industry. The way many hospitals handles and communicates to its clients has significantly resulted to quality services. Public relation professionals are responsible for external and internal communications for the health care facility. Many providers have learned the importance of public in the modern day environment where competition is the main prevailing factor. The interaction between managers, nurses, physicians and administrators have substantially shaped the health care industry. This has promoted the element of communication between different stakeholders in this industry; thus promoting the provision of services, which has minimized the possible deaths caused by poor public relations. Public relations also has ensured that the healthcare industry has good relationship with funders, thus while requesting funds they will get it easily (Frenk, 2006).
The world has been undergoing change very fast and so are the business models and techniques. This has demanded and challenged the health industry. The early business was not complex and diversified as they are currently. In the healthcare industry, many facilities are focusing on customer satisfaction. This has forced the industry to offer the best services in the

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