Essay on Health Care Reform And Affordable Healthcare Act

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Option "A" Paper
Nick A Collins
University Of Phoenix
In this paper, we will answer in what ways have recent health care reform measures expanded access to care? How might changes to access influence utilization? Explain the concept of what universal health care may be, and how current care contrasts with this. Who are the stakeholders involved in the movement towards a system universal health care? With healthcare expansion a goal of reform, what new roles are emerging in the industry today?
Keywords: Healthcare, Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA), Healthcare Stakeholders

Nick Collins Option A Paper
With healthcare reform at the forefront of the news, it has been a long-standing debate. As of 2013 president Barak Obama signed legislation known as the affordable healthcare act, implementing changes to the U.S. Healthcare system. Here is a list of goals this legislation is trying to achieve, improve quality and lower health care cost. Allow access to healthcare for an affordable price through the health insurance exchange. Affordable health care act offers consumer protection and assistance. But healthcare is not without it 's disparities such as language barriers, geographical location or unsafe neighborhoods or transportation all play a part in not being able to get the preventative services the patient needs. Creating the need to look beyond just getting people access to healthcare, what good is heath care if you are unable to use it to receive the medical…

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