Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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When a person holds a strong need of vengeance within himself/herself, it may cause him/her to lose their sense of coherent thinking. The idea of getting revenge can take over the person’s mind and body, causing them to lose control of his/her own behavior. This can lead to a snowball effect of tragic events and bring out the person’s hidden flaws. In the play, Hamlet by William Shakespeare, this was what happened to Prince Hamlet. Through the process of accomplishing the four commands given to him by his father, Hamlet is swayed in various directions because of his nature of wanting to understand the whole situation himself and his flaw, which is his imbalance in controlling his actions.
Due to Hamlet’s disposition, he is a person who needs to attain certainty before going forth with a plan. This shows that Hamlet is a rational man, at first, by keeping in check the impulsiveness of his nature. He is unsure of whether or not the ghost is actually the devil that wants to take advantage of his weakness and sadness to bring about his damnation. In order to buy himself some time to figure this out, Hamlet acts as if he has gone mad and uses the players to test King Claudius. He formulates a plan with the players to act out a scene that mirrors the murder of King Hamlet to see if it will cause King Claudius to stir when he watches it. “I’ll have these players play something like the murder of my father before mine uncle. I’ll observe his looks. I’ll tent him to the…

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