Haircolor Overview Essay

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Haircolor Overview

Although it can be one of the most rewarding services a stylist can provide at the salon, it is also one of the most challenging. Without proper knowledge of the level system, color theory, and the levels of decolorization, the client may not get their desired result; that can ultimately cause a loss of profit, and even clientele. If the stylist has a full understanding of all of the factors, there is a lot of money to be made. Both men and women are changing the color of their hair, and with the help of a stylist, they can achieve whatever look they desire. Stylists utilize what is called the level system, which is a system that is used to determine the lightness to darkness of a client’s hair. This
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Learning Objectives
LO1- List the reasons why people color their hair.
LO2- Explain how the hairs porosity affects haircolor.
LO3- Understand the types of melanin found in hair.
LO4- Define and identify levels and their role in formulating haircolor.
LO5- Identify primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.
LO6- Know what roles tone and intensity play in haircolor.
LO7- List and describe the categories of haircolor.
LO8-Explain the role of hydrogen peroxide in a haircolor formula.
LO9- Explain the action of hair lighteners.
LO10- List the four key questions to ask when formulating a haircolor.
LO11- Understand why a patch test is useful in haircoloring.
LO12- Define what a preliminary strand test is and why it is used.
LO13- List and describe the procedure for a virgin- single process color service.
LO14- Understand the two processes involved in double-process haircoloring.
LO15- Describe various forms of hair lightener.
LO16- Understand the purpose and use of toners.
LO17- Name and describe the three most commonly used methods for highlighting.
LO18- Know how to properly cover gray hair.
LO19- Know the rules of color correction.
LO20- Know the safety precautions to follow during the haircolor process.

Review Questions
Why do people color their hair?
Men and women both color their hair to cover gray, enhance an existing haircolor, create a fashion statement, and correct

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