Great Men Of The Bible 2 Essay

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Great Men of the Bible
There are many great men found men found throughout the Bible. Their stories range from walking with Jesus to betraying him. Two great men in particular, display the characteristics of trustworthiness and the ability to steadfast and obey the Lord and what he has commanded them to do.
During the time when Moses was born, Pharaoh was the King of Egypt. He told all the midwives of the Hebrew women to destroy any boys that were delivered. The midwives valued their salvation, because they did not want to look bad in the eyes of God. They would spare the life of the baby boys against Pharaoh’s orders. Then, later on a Levi woman gives birth to a healthy baby boy. She did not want her child to be tossed into to the Nile River, so she concealed him for as long as she could. Months had come to pass, her days for seeing her son was over. She put him in a basket and left along the river side. As Pharaoh’s daughter was on her way to bathe in the Nile River, she finds an abandoned child. She then asks of another to woman to care for him, until he gets a certain age. After he became an older child, Pharaoh’s daughter took him in under her wing and named him Moses. The Israelites were rapidly growing in size, causing the Egyptians to become fearful of them. They were later brought in as slave drivers for Pharaoh. He used them…

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