Essay about Gratitude Letter

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Gratitude Letter
It required me a good amount of time to decide who to send my gratitude letter to and it also caused me a bit of uncomfortableness because I'm not such an open person with regards to sentiments. However, I chose to send a letter to my mother who is a very nice and hardworking person. I decided to send a letter through mail despite the fact that I am currently living with her at her house. I adore doing things the old way since it feels much more genuine and real. It felt special to spend some time and energy in setting up the envelope and accomplish something just to show appreciation without expecting anything consequently. When my mom received a letter she was truly stunned and was not expecting this from me because
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It made me feel really emotional and sad that I should've been more pleasant to her before and should've send her the appreciation letter or at least a card to say thank you for the things she has done in my life.
I think my mom should always remember this letter as it was her first time receiving thank you letter and I would be certain that it’s not her last one. I will encourage my brothers and her niece to send her letters and to say thank you. I know my mom will be so happy to receive a letter from my cousin, her niece, and it is quite possible that she might forget about my letter when she receives one from her. Although I would always be satisfied and contented that I did something nice for my mom.
When I started on this assignment I was thinking to send the letter to my husband or to my high school teacher but deep in my heart I knew that my mom is the one who I really want to send the letter. I knew my mom truly deserves this gratitude letter because of all the efforts she puts for the family. I always wanted to say thanks to her but I never got the courage to go in front of her and express my feelings. Now that I have sent the letter and read it out loud to her, I have an exceptionally serene feeling. I feel like I am done with something extremely important like completing an exam and getting good grades on it. I feel so much lighter and happier. My state of mind is very

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