Gran Torino Film Analysis Essay

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Gran Torino Film Analysis The film, Gran Torino, crosses so many lines in man’s inhumanity to man. The movie depicts realities for a variety of people and brings out truths that we are still faced with and forced to find ways to reconcile peacefully, or continue to experience worse consequences. This movie does express some hope for barriers to be absolved. I hope that somewhere, this resembles someone’s true story. Of the several cultural conflicts, the one scene that sticks out is Walt’s accepting the invitation to the Hmong barbeque next door was a demonstration of differences in cultures. His gesture in putting his hand on a child’s head was an unacceptable act within the Hmong, as they believe the soul resides on their head and is not to be touched. The crowd murmured and shook their head’s as that took place. The irony was that it was one of very few affectionate gestures he showed in the entire movie. Martin (2013) discusses a researcher’s study of gestures around the world saying he was amazed by the “power, nuances and unpredictability of cultural differences,” advising travelers to practice “gestural humility” (p. 186). The researcher also encourages that we not assume our gestures mean the same thing; likewise, we should not interpret their gestures have the same meaning. (p. 186). The cultural conflicts between Walt and his grandchildren created a huge relational gap. There was the scene where Walt went down to collect chairs from the basement to bring up to…

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