Graduation Speech : High Stakes Testing Essay

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After reading this informative chapter, I still believe that high-stakes testing is a disservice to many students, and teachers, not politicians, should make decisions about assessments. Teachers are responsible for educating our youth, so they should be the ones who determine whether or not students understand the curriculum.
Crawford begins by comparing the differing views of those in favor of bilingual education and supporters of English-only instruction. Bilingual educators have long had to explain the achievement gap between ELLs and native English speakers. I do not believe that bilingual education is the problem, but these teachers may need to be better trained to reach these unique students and their needs. As a person who has studied a second language, using my native language of English was helpful in the process. If using his native language helps an ESOL student learn English easier and quicker, then why not allow it? English-only supporters should attempt the challenge of learning a second language without using any English and see how difficult it is. According to Crawford, bilingual education programs have come a long way from where they started, but there are still other factors that affect their success.

With each new presidency came new ideas and beliefs in how to improve our educational system. One new act came in 1989 from then-President Bush, “Goals 2000: Educate America Act.” Oddly enough, many of these goals were purposely made unrealistic…

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