Good Grades Are All We Want Now Essay

1429 Words Nov 16th, 2014 6 Pages
Good grades seem to be all we want now. The pressure around us to receive the good grades are not from learning anymore to be justified to memorize the material for the time being for the high remarks. The causes of the pressure is all around us coming from our peers, parents and society. Expectations as a student can put pressure on earning good grades to be admitted into a good college from around but also ourselves. – Still working on introduction. Expectations causes pressure coming from those around and ourselves. The expectation to excel from our family is one of the strongest cause. The saying parents care become parents pressuring than caring. As a student the pressure from parents are the strongest and most important. We know our parents are always there for us no matter what but the sense to be better and the spotlight child as perfect creates an expectation. Growing up, our parents see us as the most perfect idealistic future doctor for some or a Harvard graduate. Many parents past show hard work ethic as the struggles they had to come growing up show to them that their child have the possibly to excel. The expectation to be better with the resources they have available to learn better. First generation children I believe feel more pressure to excel in that parents have the story of progression to succeed for a reason. On the other hand having parents that have went to college particularly an ivy or prestigious one to become a legacy puts the pressure…

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