Ghosts of Educations Past Essay

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UNIV103, Unit 2 IP

Ghosts of Educations past

Coming back to school after so long was daunting, but I could not have been happier for making the choice I have. In my first course I have been asked to complete an exercise called the MFL Path Builder. As I worked on this request I found I remembered much more than I thought I would, and forgotten just as much. There are three basic topics that include Writing, Reading, and Math. In high school I was very good at math, but I found I am just a little lacking in memory of all the rules math requires. Whereas I never excelled at English in high school; but was pleasantly surprised when I mastered 3 out of 4 modules in Reading. Oddly enough though in Writing, I
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I started completing my first three topics including “Active reading”, “Vocabulary”, and “Stated main idea”. Before I knew what I had done, I completed all 27 topics in this module. I would have to say the topic’s I enjoyed the most were “Active reading”, “Graphic’s and visuals”, and” Note taking and Highlighting”. The “Active reading” topic had a lot of the information I didn’t realize I had already known. I am forever thinking ahead about where the information may lead me and what will happen next. I also have a habit of quizzing myself on the information I read, even in novels that I enjoy reading. The next topic I moved on to was writing because I believed I would do just as well in that subject area. Boy was I wrong; I seem to have forgotten as much as I ever knew in this area. All the rules and specifics eluded me during the assessment. I couldn’t believe I had to study all 8 modules. I was dis-hearted by this knowledge. After reflecting on the many reasons for the assessment results including the ten year education gap, I regrouped and charged head on. I began by completing “Parts of speech, Phrases and Clauses”, “Nouns”, and “Pronouns” from the “Basic Grammar” module. After I finished those three I decided to move on and complete two others. So as I was looking though my choices I found “Run-Ons” from the “Sentence Skills” module and “Essay Organization” found in “Essay Development”. I

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