Getting Real With Reality Tv Essay

858 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
In her essay “Getting Real With Reality TV,” Cynthia Frisby examines how Reality TV has became one of the most watched television programs. Frisby then discusses her beliefs that, while watching Reality TV programs, viewers tend to draw comparisons between themselves and the reality star. She then gathers a team of researchers who conduct surveys that ask simple questions about participants relationship with Reality TV, and the team performs a content analysis on these participants while they view certain Reality TV programs. Ultimately, she suggests that her research shows that almost all participants showed some type of comparison between themselves and the reality star. Throughout her essay, Frisby uses adequate amounts of evidence to support her claims, as well as logical and ethical appeals to support her argument. Frisby begins her essay by giving a definition of Reality TV. She explains that it is made up of primarily game shows, dating shows, and talent shows. Shows like Survivor, The Bachelor, and American Idol are some of the most popular from these three categories. She then asserts that it is becoming more and more difficult to avoid Reality TV. Likewise, in all social settings, whether that be a restaurant, bar, hair salon, or office, people are talking about what drama happened on the latest episode of their favorite reality show. Frisby then goes on to explain that during the 2003-04 season, ten of the top twenty-five TV programs were reality shows. In…

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