Getting A Masters Degree Is An Aspiration Of Many Essay

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Getting a Masters degree is an aspiration of many that opens up the doors to a higher level of knowledge and understanding; elevation of self worth; better employment opportunity; higher income potential; and more. It is a pillar that solidifies a person 's dedication, credibility and knowledge through his/her hard work. Thus one of the key issue in consideration for a Masters degree is choosing the appropriate field of study that will complement the social, professional and personal requirements. A deeper degree of complexity is also added for the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program as the degree offering can be a general MBA or an MBA with "Specialization" or concentration where the program provides this higher level of business learning focused in a specific functional area. While a quick online search engine query of "MBA specialization vs. general" brings up thousands of websites containing information, the websites should be carefully examined for the purposes of secondary research in a graduate level academia from the perspectives of authority, accuracy, and objectivity in order to ensure the credibility and substance of any citation of the sites in graduate level work. Below is a comparison of two different websites with those criteria in a qualitative perspective.
The first website in this comparison is a leading news organization, "US News" and it 's education section. The web page is, "5 Tips for Choosing an M.B.A. Concentration" where it claims,…

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